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Attractive Cultural Highlights and Concerts

Kartause Ittingen is a highly attractive destination, not least because of its magnificent gardens, top-class concerts and excellent exhibitions.

Ittingen Museum

At Ittingen Museum you can experience the almost completely preserved monastery up close and personal. Established in 1983 by Dr. Margrit Früh, the then curator of the Museum of History Thurgau, Ittingen Museum is one of six museums run by the Canton of Thurgau.

Thurgau Art Museum

The museum presents outstanding works of contemporary art by international artists. An impressive collection of naïve art and art brut has been built around the works by Adolf Dietrich, one of the leading painters of 20th century Swiss art. Some exhibition halls are located in the cellars of the former monastery. The building’s past is always present, generating a special atmosphere that influences the way the visitors interact with the works of art.


The 24th Ittingen Whitsun concerts have come to an end. Apart from the Whitsun concerts, a further opportunity to experience top-class chamber music are the Ittingen Sunday concerts, with five concerts performed in the winter term and presenting first-rate soloists and ensembles. Remise, Kartause Ittingen's concert hall, meets the highest acoustic standards.

Tecum – Centre for Spirituality, Education and Community Building

Tecum is an independent institution of ecclesiastical adult education supported by the Evangelical Regional Church of the Canton of Thurgau and the association tecum. Tecum shapes the former monastery’s spiritual life by combining old and new into contemporary Christian spirituality.

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